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  • Can I turn the Smart Apply system off and use my conventional sprayer?
    Absolutely. You’ll find an override switch directly next to the controller.
  • What PSI is recommended for the Smart Apply system?
    We recommend 100 PSI.
  • How do I know if the Smart Apply system is working?
    You’ll have several indicators that the system is working. 1. From your seat, you’ll be able to see a green flashing LED light next to the controllers. 2. Your Android tablet will show your operating status. 3. You’ll be able to observe the pulsing of the solenoid nozzles.

If, at any time, you want to override the Smart-Apply system and go back to conventional spraying, it’s as simple as a flip of a switch. On your controller, press the red bypass switch on the left. The green light on the right will change to red, indicating you have turned off the Smart-Apply system and reverted to conventional spraying. Your sprayer will work just like it always has, until you turn the Smart-Apply system back on.   


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